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Video Transcript  

Speaker 1: I love it,

Speaker (kid): Yeah.

Speaker 1: It’s Jack.

Speaker 2: When my mom's best friend passed away I knew I wanted to do something special for her. So I ordered a [inaudible] of her dog Jack. Jack was a huge but in his mind small standard poodle, we got him in October of 2004 and he sadly passed away in June 15th 2018. Jack was my first dog memory getting as a kid, he was always cuddling with you, he was always loving you, he always still your spot of the couch whether he [inaudible] or you left and he stole it.

He always had a toy in his mouth, he always wanted to play, he was one of a kind. Everybody who knew Jack knew how special he was to us, he made an impact on every person who met him. But there's one person who Jack made an impact on the most, “my mom.” Everywhere she went, he went, whether she would just walking into the kitchen from the living room, he had to follow, they cuddled on the couch all the time, whenever she got home from work, you always greeted her with a toy, they were the best friends.

Jack had surgery in August of 2016, they found a mass on his liver but they didn't know if it was cancerous or not, but they did say that if he was still alive within six months then it probably wasn't cancerous and six months came and went and he was doing just fine. Jack had a couple more lumps on his back but they weren’t such a huge problem, they didn't do any surgery. But the final turning point was about almost two years after his surgery, my mom was away at a family graduation and my dad called my mom and said, “Hey, Jack can't get up and he won't get up.”

When my mom got home from the graduation and she looked at him and she knew he was in pain. She said she's never seen that look in his eyes before, she knew that was probably time to put him down. We knew Jack was old, he was thirteen years old, two month shy of his fourteenth birthday. Everybody was so surprised of how old he actually was because he looks so healthy, so happy and we knew he lived a happy life and we knew that he knew that we loved him so much.

June 14th was the day that my dad called my mom and June 15th was the day that they put him down. It was definitely-definitely hard to even fathom that when I go visit my parents, Jack's not there. I found Pet Campa literally right after Jack passed away. I do think it was coincidence, I wanted to get my mom something special, I saw that they had a blanket, so I picked out a picture that I knew represented Jack personality the most, when he was most happy and I wanted to give her something that she can cuddle like she cuddled Jack.

Speaker 1: Ready.

I don’t know.


I love it.

Speaker (kid): Yeah.

Speaker 1: It’s Jack. Thank you. That’s like the best thing ever.

Speaker (kid): Jack.

Speaker 1: I love it. Thank you very-very much and it’s purple.

It’s Jack, where’s Jack.

Speaker 2: So Pet Campa, thank you for giving me this opportunity to give something so special to my mom. She loved it so much, she could not say enough. So “THANK YOU-THANK YOU -THANK YOU.”