Welcome To Pet Canva; For The Extreme Pet Parents!

It all started when, not a long time ago, two people who shared a deep love for animals and a passion for creative designs, sat down together and thought how they could combine these two.The result of their brainstorming was a unique, one-of-a-kind product – and that’s how Pet Canva came to life! 

We were super-enthusiastic. We could offer our customers an unforgettable experience and give them the chance to share the most precious gift with their loved ones; a gift that any pet parent or lover would deeply appreciate.

In order to maintain authenticity and originality, we abstain from using any apps or filters; everything is 100% custom-made.

We have brought together an incredible team of artists and designers (the very best), so that we can keep up with rapid turnarounds without compromising even slightly the superior quality and delivery of our products. 

Whether you want to strengthen the bond with your furry friend, or you want to keep a fond memory of a best bud that is no longer with you, Pet Canva will certainly exceed your expectations.

Thanks for stopping on in. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service department with any questions!